Ever dream of the perfect way to cool down on a summer’s day?

Imagine a spoon and you and a handcrafted ice cream. Make the dream a reality with an Evercream gelati, or a luscious mouth-watering sorbet.


Proudly South Australian owned – Evercream Gelati are renowned for their authentic gelati (=low-fat ice creams) and sorbets. Using quality ingredients and created using traditional Italian methods - Evercream Gelati has over 30 flavours to choose from.

Evercream uses no artificial ingredients or preservatives and includes:
  • Gluten-free Ice-creams & Sorbets and
  • Dairy-free, Vegan Sorbets.

As a manufacturer/wholesaler Evercream Gelati supply fine restaurants, cafes and caterers across South Australia.

As a retailer, Evercream Gelati has one scooping outlet located at:

  • Hahndorf, 27 Main street called "Evercream Ye Olde Icecreamery".
  • As reference look for our old style gelati cart parked on the foot path.

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DURIAN sorbet

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