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Evercream Gelati P/L is a South Australian manufacturer/wholesaler of ice creams, gelati (low-fat Italian style ice-creams) and sorbets (real fruit water based). Our ices are freshly made to order in Campbelltown. Evercream is part of the Campbelltown Food Trailassociation which portrays the creativity of artisan gourmet food business in the City Council of Campbelltown.Evercream Gelati is accredited by the Dairy Authority of South Australia. This 20 year old business was conceived to fill the requirement for genuine ingredient ice creams and sorbets missing in Adelaide, despite its reputation for fine cuisine. We handcraft our ices in small batches the traditional Italian way, using local fruits, nuts, organic vanilla, cocoa, Australian natives and essential oils. Preservatives, artificial colours and flavours are not used because we use plenty of the real ingredients. This why Evercream ices are richer in flavour. Evercream ice creams are egg-free, gluten-free, and mostly halal.

In addition our fruit sorbets are dairy-free, fat-free and vegan.

We stock about 30 flavours and more can created through our close collaboration with Adelaide chefs.

The quality of Evercream Gelati has taken the attention of the media like the ABC and Channel 9, which have broadcasted our gelatiere Bruno in action in The Cook and the Chef and Postcards, and a few local magazines and national newspapers.

Evercream Gelati wholesale supplies fine restaurants, cafes and caterers in South Australia. We directly manage one scooping outlet in Hahndorf (Evercream Ye Olde Icecreamery, 27 Main street; look at the old fashioned ice cream cart parked on the footpath).You can also enjoy our ices at:

    1. The Ghan Kebab House, 366 Prospect Rd.

      Blueberry $ raspberry swirl

      Blueberry & raspberry swirl

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